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Erin Ashford

I couldn't do it without you and my partner, Lindsey.

  • One night, he seemed to know where she'd been when she was out without him, and another night he started talking about something she'd recently read on her personal computer at home, where she lived alone.

  • But for now, you can have it and test it for free until the 15th of June.

  • Call or email if you have any questions.

Erin Ashford

El pack contiene 69 fotos.

  • European unemployment is half that of America.

  • The health ministry said 3,574 new Covid-19 infections were recorded on Wednesday - the third consecutive day the figure has exceeded 3,000.

  • Iran fears second wave after surge in cases Iran has reported a record daily increase in the number of coronavirus cases, stoking fears of a second wave in the Middle East's biggest outbreak.