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Debra Messing asks why Kim Kardashian has been named an 'SNL' host: 'Am I missing something?'

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But it was his willingness to use celebrity disdain as proof of his man-of-the-people bonafides that helped bolster his campaign in 2016.

  • I have a taste, therefore that I feel as which has been all about sort of climbing up and realizing things which make us different will be things which make us amazing.

  • Exploiting this trauma to perpetuate your insane, irrational hallucinations and profound ignorance is offensive.

  • Messing was born on August 15, 1968, in New York City.

Debra Messing in Hot Water Over Trump Tweets, and Not Just With Trump

Some of her film credits include A Walk in the Clouds, Jesus, The Mothman Prophecies, Hollywood Ending, Along Came Polly, The Wedding Date, Lucky You, The Women, Nothing like the Holidays, Searching and Irresistible.

  • My boyfriend was like, Ugh, thank God I'm not with you right now 'cause you're not nice on the juice cleanse, 'cause you're so hungry and you get hostile.

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