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Muck anna katharina Homohalal (2017)

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Galerie: Juni 2014

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Georg Jakob Mück

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Georg Jakob Mück



  • I found myself doing just that last night reading it! She sacrificed everything to chase a dream.

  • I must have ingested the knowledge with my mother's milk, as Russians would say.

  • I should also mention that there is a big spoiler in here, in case you've remained untouched by cultural osmosis, but you should read my review anyway to save yourself the trouble.

Anna Regina Mück

That being said, there were some parts that were difficult to get through.

  • People are going to have to remember that this is the part of the review that is entirely of my own opinion and what I thought of the book, because what follows isn't entirely positive, but I hope it doesn't throw you off the book entirely and you still give it a chance.

  • That summer I was performing in Shakespeare in the Mountains, and I knew I'd have plenty of down time, so it was a perfect summer to read another 1,000 page+ novel.

  • My grandpa had an old print of a painting hanging in his garage.